Creating Content in Social Media


Over the past few years it has become a custom for many companies to use social networking sites as a natural part of their hiring process. Sites like Facebook are great sources for information about both future and current employees. Even if you choose to limit the access to your content it’s still not a guarantee that professional Facebook lurkers can’t get hold of your private information and sell it to your potential employers. Keep that in mind when you publish something and ask yourself this question: would I be comfortable having my boss or colleagues viewing this? Always check what your friends are posting about you. Even if they mean well, they accidentally might give away too much information.


When uploading photos or videos to social media networks be sure to bare in mind that it’s possible to restrict the access to private albums, so that only your close friends can view them Tagging is a great feature but you do want to keep track of the photos that end up in your album. You can do so by setting your defaults so you approve all the material linked to your profile. Check all your walls and pictures daily, so you have a fair chance to remove inappropriate tags of yourself.


If you choose to expose your full name it will be a lot easier for strangers to find you and your content. If you use a nickname because you don’t want to be found, make sure that it’s not too unique – the more common your name is, the harder you will be to track down. Make sure your profile´s privacy settings are accurate to what you really want to reveal. Facebook provides a lot of adjustment possibilities that are easily managed and the people you wish to block will not be announced.

Profile privacy settings

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To make sure your blog doesn’t cause you any trouble, you should maintain your personal privacy while writing about delicate subjects. This way you don´t have to face the consequence that may prevent you from expressing yourself truthfully. For instance, don´t give away revealing information and be sure to use blog hosts that don´t require real names.

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