About control your.info

What is this, and what happened to my group?

Facebook Groups suffer from a major flaw. If a administrator of a group leaves, anyone can register as a new admin. So, in order to take control of a Facebook group, all you really have to do is a quick search on Google.


Groups without admins is a major flaw


When you’re admin of a group, you can basically do anything you want with it. You can change it’s name, and the groups members won’t even get a notification of it. You can send mails to all members and edit info. This is just one example that really shows the vulnerabilities of social media. If you chose to express yourself on the internet, make sure the expressions are your own and not a spammers. This isn’t some kind of scare tactics, nor is it a hack, it’s a feature that can be used, and is being used, in bad ways. Remember, control your info! Also, this project is strictly not for profit and done for a good cause.


If you have comments on this project or want to become a fan on Facebook, check
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Apparently Facebook has shut off our Fan Page. Seems like there are different views on what we’ve been doing, like these two sites: Hundreds of Facebook Groups Hacked and Facebook Groups Hacked.
So, is it hacking? No. This is NOT hacking, by any definitions of the term at all. A take-over? Yes, that we can agree on. Since the Facebook Fan Page got taken down, we guess you will have to contact us by commenting on our YouTube account right now: www.youtube.com/user/controlyourinfo.